I often catch myself grinning at my computer screen as I edit photos. The ones that make me smile the most are of moments that were unplanned and maybe a little awkward. I believe authenticity is powerful. Life is not all sunshine and rainbows (that's why I do outdoor sessions at specific times of day!), but it is beautiful and worth capturing.
When I faced end-of-life at 23-years old, I worried less about the traveling I had yet to do or the things I had yet to accomplish and more about the people I would leave behind. my focus was on acknowledging the impact they have had on my life.
Miraculously, I got a second chance to do so. On July 1, 2016 my chronically diseased organs were replaced with powerful new ones that transformed the way I see the world. Documenting and sharing my journey through writing and photography helped me process the overwhelming mind and body changes from my transplant.
My new heart and lungs have made my body simultaneously stronger and more vulnerable than before. I have more energy and muscle to run around with heavy cameras, but my immune system is suppressed to prevent organ rejection so I wear an n99 mask in certain environments to prevent infection. I translate the contradictions I observe in my own life to my work through choices in light, color, and subject matter.

Reflection with my friend, Cassandra, both wearing filter masks that protect our newly transplanted lungs.

Client Testimonials
"In early 2015 I had the pleasure to work with Kathleen on a couple of high profile events called Hardware Weekend. Kathleen was a real pro, an artist who understands how to capture moments, not just pictures, in the best possible way." - Adam B.
"Kathleen was Amazing! She met me for coffee before the shoot and really got to know what I was looking for and made me feel extremely comfortable. We then toured the city for a bit on foot as if we had been friends for years, stopping at various locations to shoot what would later be great photos." - ERIC M.
"We hired Kathleen to photograph my father's 60th birthday party, and she was fantastic! We did a number of posed family shots at the beginning, and she snapped photos of the party guests (both posed and candid) for the rest of the night. Not only are the photos incredible, but we received compliments from several of the guests that she was fast, non-invasive, and gave just the right amount of instruction." -Kate l.
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